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"Art is not what you see but what you make other's see" 


                                                                                      ~Edgar Degas~


Open Studio Hours:

Come on in and get caught up, get help or simply immerse yourself in a creative atmosphere. 


 After School: Tues - Thurs 3:30-3:55

HS Lunch: Monday & Friday 



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Who am I really?

In school I am known as Mrs. Garcia (or Ms. G).  Otherwise, I am Aubrey.  I love spending time outside, especially with my husband and our little Mr, Oceano. In the summers I am bound to the beach, feet buried in the sand.  In the winter I enjoy snowboarding.  I am an avid student of yoga.  Music and art are my muse! And of course creativity drives my daily endeavor. 

Im A. Garcia 


  • Born in Burlington VT
  • Raised in Holland, MI
  • Attended NAU in Flagstaff, AZ
  • Studied abroad in Australia
  • Began teaching art in 2005
  • Graduate studies through RMCAD

Whats Happening in The Arts?

Aubrey Garcia

Arts Specialist