Aubrey Garcia

Arts Specialist 


Week 8 is optional and extra credit.  Sculpt a design from clay that is expressive and applies the properties of sculptural design.  In order to get credit this must be well constructed and demonstrate creative exploration in clay. 

Weekly Warmups

Before you get your hands on the clay, For your own sanity and success:

Get to Know

The Ten Golden Rules of Ceramics

Project Resources, Techniques and Ideas

The creation of ceramic vessels and sculptures has been a part of human’s need to create since the earliest times of man.  The first forms of art are believed to be ceramic sculptures.  This timeless tradition has marked centuries of cultural practices and lifestyles and remains an important part of worldwide culture and art today.  In this class students will learn basic construction methods of ceramics, the history and culture of traditions deeply rooted in clay formation as well as the firing and glazing techniques involved in completing a ceramic design.


Projects are explorative and it is encouraged that students try out techniques and methods that help to express their own creative ideas and intended meaning. Here are power points that describe ideas and techniques available for students to explore.  Can't find what you are looking for here?  Search YouTube for tutorials.  There are millions!!  OR go out on a limb. Come up with your own processes by experimenting and exploring on your own! 

Practice makes perfect practice, or so they say... 

Ceramic students will complete a practice clay techniques and explore ceramic ideas each week.  These are small warm up assignments designed to help students achieve their best potential in using the ceramic medium. 3D concepts and design elements and principles are incorporated here.