Aubrey Garcia

Arts Specialist 


Art is an individual journey.  Each student artist will be encouraged to interact with their creative process and grow in their artistic expression in unique ways.

In the Jefferson Academy studio art classes, student artists will be guided through the application and development of the Habits of Creative Engagement.  These are the characteristics of highly creative people that will help student artists find their best potential in art.  This process allows students to explore their own ideas, articulate their artistic voice and challenge themselves to take creative risks. 

The assessment of art projects will be centered on each student artist's individual process and growth.  This will be evaluated in 2 parts: 

  • Project Planning:  A brief one on one conference where students will present their project goals and ideas outlined in their sketchbook.  Follow the project planning guide. 

  • Process Blog: A digital blog post after project completion to provide a glimpse into the student artist's individual artistic process.  Evidence of exploration and expression should be gathered throughout the project process and posted to the blog. 

Each project will also include specific objectives associate with technique and medium.  Student artists will be assessed on their demonstration of application of art techniques, craftsmanship and creative expression in this supplementary portion of assessment. 



is Evaluated: