Aubrey Garcia

Arts Specialist 




​​The Drawing Menu


Pen and Ink Mediums

​Apply line variation to create texture and value contrast using permanent mark making ink: Sharpie, pilot v pens (3 colors), felt-tip pens or Bic pens.  

*Glow Medium: highlighters & neon paper

Color Mediums

Applying expressive and exaggerated color by Optical blending: colored pencils, oils pastels or chalk pastels.  

*can be done on black paper

*Glow medium: colored pencils

Charcoal or Graphite Mediums: 

Vine charcoal, Willow Charcoal, Compressed Charcoal, white charcoal, wood-cased pencil. 

In this class we want to give you as much  flexibility as possible to make creative connections with your own personal visual expression.  We also want to make sure you have the compositional skills and technical approached to achieve your highest potential in art.  The drawing course is designed to allow both creative flexibility while growing in artistic skill. 

Select from this menu to help build unique creative compositions.  By the end if the course you should have completed each composition, technique and medium while employing your own expression and visual articulation. 

These techniques are listed in a practical skill-bases sequential order but for those who are more confident in their art skills there is an option to rearrange and go out of sequence. 

Expressive Pattern Contrasts 

Use a minimum of 6 different line variations (patterns) to create contrast throughout the composition.  Additionally within each pattern include size and shape variation to alter value range and the illusion of shape as it recedes through space.  For example a square is not actually square anymore as it wraps around a form on a 2D plane).  

Optical Blening with Color

To create the most effective illusion of depth in color, apply the optical blending technique.  That is, never use only one color by itself.  Use 3 or more colors layered in conditions with each other to mimic other color expressions.  For example, yellow, blue and green marks made in the same area, overlapping will create the illusion of yellow-green).

Gradient Value and Form

Create seamless transitions as values flow together in a gradient to achieve depth.  The effect should be the illusion of 3 dimensional forms. 

Surrealistic collage

A collection of juxtaposed images from various sources combined to create an expressive scene.  Image cutouts pasted together (from magazines) OR in photoshop.

Expressive Portrait

Take a picture yourself or use an old photo as a reference for this.  Another option is to create an expressive collage portrait.

* If using a published source picture that does not belong to you or your family, it must be cropped and colors, background and overall voice expression changed in order to make it your own unique expression. 

Macro Abstraction: 

Find an interesting composition of shapes within an object, area of architecture or maybe a collection of objects.  Get close and snap a picture, filling the picture plane and allowing parts of the subject(s) to be cropped out of the picture area.  The abstraction of this one comes from getting so close that it may be difficult to distinguish at first glance the identity of the subject. 

*Glow Compostion*: 

Choose one of the above compositions to complete using black light reactive materials.