Aubrey Garcia

Arts Specialist 


A footprint of the decades, universal symbol of heritage and the ultimate expression of character, fashion is a symbol of time that marks the traditions as well as the individuality of people through history.  The Fashion Design course is an exploration of creative expression through wearable art in a variety of textiles, designs, and techniques.  Students will be expected to complete 3 wearable designs and a set of accessories while demonstrating creativity and proficiency with a variety of design mediums.     


Each project adds new techniques and design processes.  Starting with simple hand sewing and concluding with original pattern design and repurposed material. Each project must include the design student's own original ideas.  

Its not home ec.  Its wearable art! 

Fashion Design

Weekly Warmups 

Class lessons and learning material are supplemental to the projects.  These weekly warmups will help guide fashion students through their experience learning to be designers! 


Test swatches are an opportunity to learn and practice new techniques before applying them to a final project.  These are all completed in the first 4 weeks of the class.  Swatches can be resubmitted for more points if improvements are made.