Aubrey Garcia

Arts Specialist 


Graphic Arts: 

Lesson 1: Getting to Know the Work Area

  • Tools, Panels, Color, Basic Workspace

Lesson 2: Photoshop Corrections

  • ​Simple retouching and repair, Spot Healing, Resolution 

​Lesson 3: Working with Selections

  • ​Quick selections, Lasso tools,  manipulating selections

​Lesson 4: Layers Basics

  • Layers Panel, Rearanging, Layer Styles & Effects, Flattening & Saving

Lesson 5: Quick Fixes

  • Editing & Adjusting photos

​Lesson 6: Masks and Chanels: 

Lesson 7: Typographic Design

  • Clipping mask, Type on Path, Stylize Type

​Lesson 8: Vector Drawing Techniques

  • Designing with the pen tool

Lesson 9: Advanced Compositing 

  • Smart Filters, Backgrounds, Imoroving low res images. 

Propaganda Poster - PS/Ai             

PS Lessons

Graphic Arts I


picture for book

PS for image files

Exploring Graphic Design 

Each week, graphic arts students will be given a design problem to solve in class. Students may use any medium to complete the design task, including computer graphics (photoshop) or 2D drawing mediums such as color pencil, pen and ink, etc...  The response to the problems must be thoughtful, innovative and the students own design.  At the end of each week students will share their response to the design problem and will be shown professional responses to the problem as well.  


​​​Ai  Lessons

Graphic Arts II

picture for book
Ai for image files

A Quick Tour

  • Get to know the basics of Ai

Lesson 1: Getting to Know the Work Area

  • Panels, Workspace, Artboards

Lesson 2: Techniques for Selecting Artwork

  • Sections, Aligning, Object Arrangement

​Lesson 3: Using Shapes to Create Artwork...

  • ​Create and Edit Shapes, Shaper Tool & Drawing Modes

​Lesson 4: Editing &Combining Shapes & Paths

  • Editing & Joining Paths, Shapebuilder, Pathfinder, Compound Path

Lesson 5: Transforming Artwork

  • Artboards and Positioning 

​Lesson 6: Creating an Illustration 

  • ​Pen Tool, Points and Pencil Tool 

Lesson 7: Using Color to Enhance Signage

  • Color Modes, Color Swatch, Live Paint

​Lesson 8: Adding Type

Lesson 9: Organizing Layers

Class Warm Ups

Have you ever been persuaded, inspired by or gotten an idea from a picture? If so, you have encountered graphic design. Graphic Design is a form of visual communication combining painted, drawn or computer generated images and text to communicate an idea, advertise a product or make an announcement to a population of viewers.  In the graphic design art class students will create, choose and organize compositions to communicate ideas visually.  Exploration of graphic arts includes using computer graphics in Photoshop, pencil and ink, cut paper mediums, transfer paper, screen printing, paint and 2d drafting tools.  Students will learn to communicate an idea visually through various compositional choices as well as image and text graphics.