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The Projects                                                                          

Bas Relief Painting 

We know that color range, brush strokes and compositional perspective can create a sense of space within a painting. Taking painting a step further by combining line variation, texture, highlights and shadows how can the greatest amount depth be achieved in a relief painting? 

Watercolor Wash and Ink

Exploring the range of technical approaches to water color, this project uses a wet on wet wash technique and ink application to create expressive and dynamic compositions.  

The subject matter is up to each artist.  

Week 7 Into Imagination 

Dsfine your painting style in a Painting right from the depths of your imagination. 

Relief Printing 

Applying Line Variation to render value, 10-15 editions are made from a single carved linoleum block, like a stamp.  Optional Color variety can be explored through additional linoleum blocks or the reduction method 

Printing with Color Variety:      

 Reduction Printing       Multiple Blocks

Week 1: Basic Painting. 

Brush Selection, Toning the Ground, Building a painting & Color Theory

Color Theory: Building Harmony

Week 5 Mix the Masters

Mix the colors and copy the style of a master painter

Week 3 Watercolor Sill life 

Painting from Observation, set up a still life and explore water color techniques and application 

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Week 6  Discovering Line

Preparing for Printmaking, draw 3 various subjects using line to imply texture and value. 

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What isColor

Weekly Warmups

Painting and Printmaking

Week 4 Meet The Masters

Investigate The Masters of Painting


Aubrey Garcia

Arts Specialist 

Week 2 Palette Knife/Pointalism  

An alternative approach to paint application 

24 Colors

Crop an original subject matter with a range of tonal values. 

Build a color Harmony from a Triad, analogous or Split complimentary scheme. 

Using 24 different colors, including values and neutrals, paint the exaggerated color composition.